Security is much more than a feeling at Solid Systems. We’re experts in the electronic devices that make your business or private buildings, sites, and spaces secure and lock-tight. To get it right, we enthusiastically brainstorm with you, provide advice, and design, install, and maintain your security systems. At the end of the day, we offer you safety, security, and peace of mind.


Custom electrical system design and installation are a seamless affair with all the required technical experience and expertise in-house. Reliability, quality, and service are our motto. We keep the communication lines short and fully align our work with your expectations. Consequently, a single contact point is all you need.


Your fire alarm system must comply with all current regulations. But above all – it should be installed right and well maintained. By taking care of that, we guarantee effective fire prevention. Don’t forget. Prevention is better than cure. Our range of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers ensures total protection. Plus, with us, your maintenance and management are in safe hands – just what you were looking for!


If there’s something you need to be able to rely on, then it’s a security installation. That’s true whether it’s for private or professional use. Consequently, we recommend regular system checks and maintenance. That’s the only way to guarantee the highest security in the long run. Fortunately, we’re pleased to lend our support. Our 24-hour standby service allows us to intervene directly and provide the best service in an emergency. That’s how Solid Systems guarantees the security you deserve.

About Solid Systems

Solid Systems is an electronics and security sector system service that supports the commercial and private markets at home and abroad. We apply a unique, customised approach to every commission. The customer’s specific needs and the relevant security requirement play a major role. We listen and walk you through the options, offering advice that delivers the best possible outcome. Solid Systems stays up to date on security and electronics innovation and developments. No compromise on quality. That’s the only way to guarantee what we do and deliver the best customer experience.

Interested in knowing which solution is right for your situation? Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.


    Our technicians are qualified and experienced, reliably providing your shop with quality. Solid Systems technicians supply premium systems and service Europewide, which is why major retailers with hundreds of shops sign on with us.
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  • SME

    We provide extra security for SMEs with custom-made installations. The truth is that criminals don’t discriminate. Large, mid-sized, or small – your business is a popular target.
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    Distribution centres are all go, all the time – we know that better than most. Consequently, busy sites like these demand high-quality security systems, e.g. camera surveillance, intruder alarms, and/or access control systems.
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    A good guide or plan is a must for the security of students, staff, and visitors on campus.
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    The government requires a responsible, targeted approach. Electronic security, intruder alarms, camera surveillance, fire detection, and access control all play crucial roles.
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