To guarantee the overall safety of yourself and your staff, you need an effective fire prevention system in place. Solid Systems provides you with a properly installed and maintained fire alarm system. Logically, this always conforms with all current regulations. A first-rate fire alarm system includes, for example, key elements such as smoke alarms, a fire emergency escape plan, emergency lighting, and – of course – inspected and approved fire-fighting equipment. We add value to that with an evacuation system that initiates the rapid, orderly evacuation of your site. The fire alarm system is another bonus. It ensures automatic fire detection and also guarantees that your fire safety equipment performs perfectly. Safety first! An expert will be happy to conduct a brief, on-site test on your fire alarm system to assess performance.

The Fire & Safety Department looks forward to discussing your options with you in detail.
You can reach them by phone on: (088) 234 02 34 or by email at

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