Anyone on the lookout for an electrical engineering partner is bound to hear about our diverse operations. We install the full spectrum of electrical systems, from lighting and power to low-voltage, regardless of the client. Technical standards such as NEN 1010 and NEN 3140 are crucial in this process. In short, we handle everything except industry and offshore. Our strength lies in the cross-disciplinary nature of our work, enabling us to give customers a worry-free experience with all their technical installations. Solid Systems really offers in-house all-in solutions. Just give us a ring, and we’ll take care of it.


    Home automation means integrating electronics and home networks to seamlessly automate processes in and around your home, office, or business. Smart systems is another way to refer to it. Technology and service integration enhances the quality of life and work. And unsurprisingly, security and quality play decisive roles. We know what we are talking about and don’t compromise. That empowers us to stand 100% behind our services and solutions, now and in the future. Remember – good home automation systems really are affordable.


    Data networks are essential for dealing with the constant increase in technology at home, the office, and companies. We always ensure that our technicians are ahead of the game in terms of knowledge and skills. They also have the best materials to ensure that your data networks are fully up to your specifications. What’s more, selecting the certified data networks option ensures that you get extended long-term guarantees.

  • LED lighting

    Looking to make your company site or home more sustainable? LED lighting is a solution that’s occasionally been labelled low-hanging fruit. Replacing classic light fixtures with LED lighting is a fantastic way to reduce your electricity bill. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of quality in the process! For instance, consider smart switches and motion sensors that automatically switch off the light when no one is around. Eager to make your lighting as sustainable as possible? Let us light your way!


    A good intercom system should seamlessly integrate with your high-quality access control system. When someone is at the door, you’ll know exactly who it is. In recent years, these systems have evolved so much that you can now easily see the person visiting, not just hear them. Expert technicians ensure that this electronic security component is integrally installed to order. No more unwelcome surprises. You’re in control.


    Solar panel installation on the roof of a business or home is the ultimate visual proof of your commitment to sustainability. But let’s be honest; that’s not our area of expertise. And yet, we’re pleased to include it in our overall range of services. So, we partner to get it done. We take care of all the communication, completely relieving you of any admin-related stress. And our solar panels are all SCOPE 12-certified, which means they meet the highest standards. That’s also a win concerning insurance benefits.


    You’ve seen all the separate services we offer. Chances are good that you might ask: ‘But couldn’t they combine all those features?’ Sure, we can! What’s more, we know it calls for meticulous customisation. To make that a reality, we listen to your requests and talk you through it. Then, we take what we learn and turn that into the right end-to-end custom solution. And that solution impressively combines electrical engineering, smart technology, and sustainability.

The Solid Systems Electrical Engineering Department looks forward to discussing your options.
You can reach them by phone on: (088) 234 0 234 or by email at sales@solidsystemsgroup.eu.

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