”I started here in 2008 as a trainee and eventually progressed to assistant mechanic, mechanic, chief mechanic, project leader and currently I work as operations manager. One of my responsibilities is managing the field service.

In my opinion, the most important thing is that everyone goes to work with a good feeling and that we achieve good results together.

Of course, things sometimes go wrong (both in business and private life), but at Solid Systems we hope to encourage everyone sufficiently to discuss these matters directly, so that we can offer help if necessary. Why have I worked here for so long? Because the culture is open and direct, with plenty of time for sociability in addition to hard work!”


”I work as Sales Support for Solid Systems. My job is really incredibly fun. No working day is the same for me. Contact with different customers but also colleagues with different questions provides the necessary challenge for me. Our customers are central, you do for them what is necessary and sometimes a bit more! I experience working in a small team as valuable. You are independent and have responsibilities.

I have a satisfied feeling when I go home.

Solid Systems is a pleasant employer. It is a growing organisation that ‘listens’ to you. You get (if you want) opportunities to develop yourself. Solid Systems values colleagues who have the ambition to want to learn and grow. An excellent opportunity to get everything out of yourself.”


”Most colleagues call me Boelie, a nickname once given to me by close friends. That immediately says something about the pleasant working atmosphere in our company. Interaction is infomercial in nature across the organisation, particularly because the bond with the employer and with each other is remarkably close. As a result, together there is also a healthy drive to complete every job to the standards befitting an ambitious company like Solid Systems.

I myself hold a position as a warehouse assistant, which at Solid involves a bit more than routine packing lists and sealing boxes. The wide range of systems and services Solid offers makes my work enormously versatile. Just like my colleagues, I am challenged daily to think along with the clients and contractors of various jobs. Contributing your own ideas and showing initiative is also appreciated and encouraged in this process. In addition, loyalty within Solid works both ways, in my personal experience.

I therefore feel taken seriously and appreciated as an employee. In fact, I am proud to be part of this special company!